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- Price -

Price overview (please see example on the ‘Chapters’  button on the top right corner)
Type                | Price (USD)

- Rough Sketch      | 15-30+

- Color Sketch
Character only      | 30-45+
Character & BG      | 80+

- Black & White
Character only      | 35+
Character & BG      | 90+

- Chibi Color Sketch
Character only      | 30+
Mini Chibi          | 20+
Character & BG      | 50+

- Illustration
Character & BG      | 90+

Cupcake             | 40/70+ USD

- Black & White Comic
Sketch              | 20+  /1 page
Simple              | 90+  /1 page
Detail              | 150+ /1 page

- Line Stickers     | 20+ /1 picture


- Work Flow -

A brief overview of my work process

  1. Commissioner submit a brief with details of the work
  2. Artist provides the quotation, full advanced payment is received
  3. Artist submits the sketch (can be modified up to 3 times)
  4. Artist submits the final work

- Rough Sketch -

Rough Sketch

Half Body 15+ USD
Full Body 20+ USD
Character with background 30+ USD

Additional rough color +15 USD

example of Half body 18 USD / Full body 20 USD
Example of rough sketch with background 40 USD
Example of color rough sketch with background 35 USD

- Color Sketch -

Color Sketch

Traditional watercolour / Digital watercolour / Digital full colour styles are available.

Half Body 30+ USD
Full Body 40+ USD
(proper illustration also available)

Portrait(A5) 45+ USD
Half Body(A6) 35+ USD
Full Body(A5) 45+ USD

Larger sizes for watercolour commissions are also available on request ! Please feel free to contact me for a price estimate.

(For original copy, oversea shipping is not available at the moment.)

Example of digital watercolour/ traditional watercolour/ digital full colour
Example of traditional watercolour, portrait 45 USD

Character with background

Both digital and traditional watercolour styles are available.

Starting from 80 USD

Example of traditional watercolour(A5) , 80 USD
Example of traditional watercolour(A5) , 80 USD
Example of digital watercolour, 120 USD

- Black&White -

Half Body 35+ USD
Full Body 40+ USD
Additional simple background + 7+ USD

Example of 47 USD work

Character with background

Starting from 90 USD

Example of 120 USD work

- Chibi Color Sketch -

Both digital watercolour and full digital colour styles are available.

Full Body Chibi 30+ USD
Mini Chibi 20+ USD

Digital watercolour 30 USD / Digital Painting 30 USD


Mini Chibi 30 USD each

Character with background

Starting from 50 USD

(Plus 20 USD for each additional character)

Example of 70 USD work
Example of 80 USD work


Traditional watercolour illustration with background or complicate items.
(Other coloring styles are also available such as digital, gouache, acrylic, pencil, pen, oil painting. Please feel free to contact me for a price estimate.)

A5 90+ USD
A4 180+ USD
A3 350+ USD

(For original copy, oversea shipping is not available at the moment.)

Example of watercolour (A5) 110 USD each
300 USD poster colour work
Example of acrylic painting
Example of pencil drawing

- YCH -

[YCH] Cupcake (3 colouring styles are available)

Starting price :

1 character 40 USD
2 characters 70 USD


- Black&White Comic -

For storyboard only or NAME (draft sketch) only option, please drop me a message to discuss more details.

Sketch 20 USD / page

Simple 90 USD / page

Detailed 150 USD / page

Simple 90 USD / Detailed 150 USD

For other commission style not listed, you are welcome to contact or twitter for further discussion !

More example of my works are available in the gallery.

- Notes -

  • No R-18 / NSFW
  • All the price listed are for personal uses only, please notify in advance if the commission is intended commercial uses, any unauthorized commercial uses will be act upon legally.
  • The artist may introduce an urgent work into the queue when it does not affect the committed deadline with the queued works.
  • The artist reserves the right to distribute and/or use the commission work to promote, advertise or add to the artist portfolio. If this is not preferred, please notify the artist in advanced.

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